Mas del Serral is a pathway with a single destination: the origin. When we distance ourselves from our roots, we are able to reflect about the place we come from, there where our identity was shaped, where we learnt to dream as children and where fears were nothing more than horizons to cross. Perhaps this is what happened to Joan Miró when, in 1922, he was staying in Paris and painted La Masía, The Farm, the painting where he paid homage to the country house in Mont-Roig del Camp where he learnt to draw when he was three years old. Similarly, observing the painting by Miró in the National Gallery during a key time when he was far from home, Pepe Raventós realised that his dream was to restore Mas del Serral to its origins: traditional agriculture based on the harmony between nature, animals and mankind and the evidence that, as the painter said,

"to be universal you have to be radically local"


There are moments in life when you have to look back. Without losing sight of the horizon but reflecting on each step we have taken. Moments that help you to value the passing of time… Such as the time taken to make this wine, the time for its ageing. Or even the time needed to bring a vision to pass, such as the vision that began in 2005 when we realised that the family plot of Clos del Serral was quite exceptional, and we decided to work it and take care of it as if it were a garden. A time, a plot, a vintage. All of these make Mas del Serral unique. A memory that brings a smile to our faces when we realise that, after ten years of ageing, it could still age 25 more. This is our essence. This is our path. A path with a single destination: its origin.

"Mas del Serral is a wine of sun and shade. Of sun because of where it comes from. Because of its territory and the power it shows in tasting. And of shade because of time, stillness, space and rest"

"The magic of wine lies in the power of taking you to the place where it was made; it takes you on a journey to its origins"
"Our aim is to express the maximum potential of the plot: austerity, Xarel·lo, salinity and minerality. It is only when we fully discover this potential that we can interpret Mas del Serral"
"Mas del Serral is where the past and future meet; offering something lasting in the future but also working on it with the ways of yesteryear"

The wine


After a very hot and dry summer 2011, autumn and winter brought strong weather contrasts. The months from October to December were warm. In mide-December the cold arrived, and the leave began to fall, with low rainfall and very cold, allowing the plant to have a good and long winter rest. Sprouting began at the end of March. August began with high temperatures and a low water vegetative cycle. temperatures were mild (15,2ºC) width distinct extremes, winter minimums of -5,5ºC and August maximums of 35ºC. Rainfall was 540 mm. The harvest was not very productive, healthy with good balance and good concentration in the wines.

The viticulture

The grape harvest

"When we taste Mas del Serral, we experience the salinity, we experience the Mediterranean, we experience the aromas of the farm."
"This wine has been aged for ten years, but it could age 25 more. This is the main idea behind Mas del Serral."
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